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His aunt showed me how to make beans in the slow cooker.[on his acting influences] Growing up, Gary Oldman has been a big role model of mine. Its controversial story-lines have explored issues such as dysfunctional families, mental illness (such as depression, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder), adolescent sexuality, gender, substance abuse, death and bullying.Each episode generally focuses on a particular character and the struggles they face in their life.Aug 4, 2016 time passes, and now the Skins stars we knew and loved have moved on (in some cases) to bigger things.Here's what the skins cast members are doing now.

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As a majority of the characters left Bristol to go onto university, future careers, etc., Series 3 began with a completely new cast (save for two of the minor characters in the original cast who are upgraded to the major cast), the so-called "second generation." Series 4 took an even sharper turn toward the Darker and Edgier and received even worse criticism than S2, since it was also Screwed by the Network into leaving some plots hanging.

Abroad, the series airs on SBS2 in Australia and BBC America in the United States (despite not being a BBC show). Most of the attention it gained was on the back of the controversy it generated, with Moral Guardians accusing it of breaching child pornography laws and pressuring advertisers to pull their ads from the show (and they mostly listened, with eight sponsors pulling their ad revenue).

It also came under fire from critics for being what they saw as a poor imitation of the British show, especially in the acting and writing departments.

But now it has come time for the wild Dec 9, 2014 We can't deny that the ' Skins' cast is grown up, and some of them have moved on to equally awesome new projects. Check out the cast of the UK's ' Skins' then and now!

25 release date, the actor was already receiving positive reviews for his role in the film.

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