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In the “stable roommate problem”, a single set of people are attempting to find someone with whom to share a living space.

The goal of this problem is to find if a “stable matching” exists, one in which everyone is paired and no two parties prefer one another to their current match.

Their study, to be published in the journal, saw 350 university-aged participants attend.

Before they got down to business, participants completed questionnaires that measured their personality traits, values, dating strategies, well-being, and what their ideal mate would want in a partner.

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That being said, the main reason was us, but we’ll whitewash over that. I say this having successfully met my partner through online dating, having sat through what seemed like an eternity of bad one-liners and filtered-to-hell-and-back photos. No matter how rabidly I swiped, no one would swipe back. Well, with present company excluded, they weren’t exactly the stuff of dreams.In between dates, they completed a two-minute questionnaire about their feelings toward the person they’d just met, much like you would get after hauling your drunken carcass out of an Uber.These questionnaires were then compared to the algorithm’s predictions.Samantha Joel, who lectures psychology at the University of Utah, was not surprised.“People agree to go on dates with people who have everything they say they don’t want. Attraction doesn’t play nice with preferences.” Joel’s previous research has shown that three in four people will agree to go on a date with someone who has an undesirable trait they would normally consider a deal breaker.

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