Dating for revenge

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Finding the person and discovering they've become The Atoner can snatch it away from you.

Often the avenger takes steps to ruin the other guy's life in some manner before the final act, which may or may not end with the other guy's death.

And if eye-witness accounts are to be believed, Scott had his bourbon-and-vomit smelling beard all up in Bella's business. The magazine adds that Disick and Thorne grabbed dinner at L. hotspot Catch and then moved on to The Peppermint Club.

“They were dancing together and getting cozy, but he was a total gentleman,” says the insider.

Another option, often chosen by action heroes or the more bloodthirsty avengers, is the Roaring Rampage of Revenge, where the avenger dispenses with this and goes straight for the bloodshed, hunting down everyone who had anything to do with the crime in question and eliminating them one by one, often in a Gotta Kill Them All fashion, until they reach the Big Bad behind it all and take their final vengeance.

Kill Me Now, or Forever Stay Your Hand, Forgiveness, and Defeat Means Friendship may stop this vendetta.

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