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In 1987, Jessica Newton was chosen to represent the country in Miss Universe 1987 in Singapore, the winner of this edition was the Chilean Cecilia Bolocco and Jessica was among the 10 semifinalists, years later Newton took the franchise of the Miss Peru pageant and was the responsible to organize the event and prepare Peruvian queens for the Miss Universe and Miss World for 12 years.After many years in 1996, Peru reappeared in the contest with Natali Sacco, who entered in the top 10 in Miss Universe 1996, and in 1998, Mariana Larrabure also entered the top 10 in Miss World 1998.Peru has been competing in the Miss Universe pageant from 1952 and in the Miss World pageant from 1959.In the Miss Universe pageant, their first representative was Ada Gabriela Bueno who was crowned as the first Miss Peru in a ceremony at the Lawn Tennis Club of Lima and competed in Miss Universe 1952.Liesel Holler failed to reach the semifinals in 2004, but like her predecessor also joined the group of semifinalists in the Miss Earth 2004 pageant.Débora Sulca made Peru come back in the contest in 2005, being in the 6th place.

Five years later, Peru became the first Latin American and Spanish-speaking country to win the Miss Universe crown thanks to Gladys Zender, who became Miss Universe 1957.Four years later, in 2002, Marina Mora, joined the Top 5, winning the third place in the Miss World 2002 pageant.The following year Claudia Ortiz de Zevallos placed in the Top 15 in Miss Universe 2003 and took the second place prize for Best National Costume, and Claudia Hernández placed in the top 20 in Miss World 2003 and got the award for Best Evening Gown.Given the refusal of Alvarado, Mary Núñez was sent to Miss World 1973 in London, England.In 1982, Peru became the first South American country to host the Miss Universe pageant.

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