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He and his siblings eventually traced their birth mother, only to find she had died.

She exuded authority as she explained she was the director of a local orphanage and had come to help. Examining the baby, the woman offered to pass her off as her own at the local hospital in order to obtain free treatment.

Her father signed legal papers declaring Rose to be an unfit mother and Onyx an abandoned child. Rose engaged a lawyer, but was unable to regain custody. They'd be gone the next.' Wealthy parent: Lana Turner, pictured in the film Another Time, Another Place, was another Hollywood actress to adopt a child through Georgia Tann acquired the protection of Memphis's corrupt and all powerful mayor, Edward Hull Crump, and eventually set up her own orphanage, at 1556 Poplar Avenue.

In 1924, Tann started work at the Tennessee Children's Home Society, where she turned part-time baby snatching into big business. She had big feet and wore black lace-up shoes,' says a former resident at the children's home. By then, she had met her lesbian partner, Ann Atwood Hollinsworth, who helped Tann ferry babies around the country - as far from their natural parents as possible. June's daughter, Vicci, says: 'Mother said Georgia Tann was a cold fish; she gave her material things, but nothing else.

Big-boned and broad-shouldered, she wore flannel shirts and trousers: unacceptable clothing for a woman at the time. Social work was one of the few acceptable careers for women of Tann's class, and despite having no empathy with the vulnerable, she saw it as an escape route from her staid home. In eugenic language which would be echoed to infamous effect in Nazi Germany, she described wealthy people as 'of the higher type'.

She considered the poverty stricken young women left in poverty by the Depression as 'breeders', privately referring to them as 'cows'. But soon, she realised she could make money by charging hefty fees to couples desperate to become parents.

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