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However, a bunch of Windows software, apparently including Microsoft Skype itself, no longer works properly with some well-known webcams on the market, notably those that implement video compression inside the camera itself.

High-definition webcams, like the popular USB-based Logitech C930e that can stream video at 1920x1080p, often include built-in compression so that there’s less data to send down the USB cable in the first place, usually using one of two common lossy compression formats known as MJPEG and H.264.

That’s the same sort of compression that digital TV uses, and it’s like listening to an audio track as an MP3 instead of straight off a CD or in an uncompressed form such as FLAC: for most people the difference is modest or even undetectable, but the savings in bandwidth and storage can be huge.

Anyway, as far as we can tell, until Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (10AE), Windows apps that handled video input could ask the operating system for the compressed data straight out of the camera, and process it directly.

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Even when Microsoft listened to its users and made the wording in the upgrade dialog much clearer, some of our readers still had negative things to say.

rather than Windows 11, you’d think that Microsoft might have cut itself some slack.

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