Kim kardashian dating power ranger

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couples to get wrapped up in the jet-setting, over-the-top whirlwind of a love story that the show provides. In a new interview with PEOPLE, Fletcher admits that she can’t stop fantasizing about their wedding day, which will be some time in 2017. and they’re already enjoying the nightlife (and snacks).

This season’s Jo Jo Fletcher – who is engaged to Jordan Rodgers, the contestant she chose at the end of the show – has made it clear that she’s in this forever. And he followed through: The couple officially lives together in Dallas …

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“Once we’re settled and we have furniture to sit on, we’ll sit down and figure it out.” 8. Rodgers wrote an impossibly adorable birthday message to his fiancée, which he posted to his Instagram in November.The two moved into a house together, which — though it took them a bit of time to fully furnish — has now been transformed into a comfortable, retro-chic space for the couple.“When we were apart, I remember thinking: ‘This would be so much better if we were together,’ ” Fletcher told PEOPLE.Which brings us to: They’re talking about wedding dates.While they’re tossing around dates for a 2017 wedding, they haven’t planned anything definitive yet. We’re just taking our time,” Rodgers, 28, told PEOPLE in a new interview.

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