My computer stuck updating

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I’m sure all of you are good people but in the off chance someone wants to be a dick and blame me for their game crashing, I do not want to be involved with that, so all I can do is cover my own ass and make sure none of that could come back on me.

I was going to follow Nightdust’s kidnappers so I could save him. I cannot, and will not help with tech issues because, one, I most often do not know the answer, and two, even if I did, I am not a tech blog and will not be liable to any further issues that may be caused by a reader following my advice.

I saw a concerned Milliw with worry written on her face. ‘You better tell me what’s wrong soon’ Millie hissed at me before turning away to adjust Ever’s bridle.

I saw her pretty brown eyes were shiny with tears and hurt had replaced concern. I must have slept in a bad position last night, because my back really hurts – otherwise I wouldn’t have asked you to help. Could you help me carry it up to the top of the lighthouse?

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Millie mount and canter away, we never left without each other. I knew it would happen, you’re such a weirdo’ I turned to see Melissa smirking at me, her expensive Morgan, Opal, tugging on the reins anxiously as Melissa looked down at me from her high perch. So Madison and I will be able to go fishing again soon. Quest completed ______________ To the Top of the Lighthouse You’re looking for Madison? When you piece all the clues together, maybe you can figure out where Madison went.

‘Get lost I growled swiping a towel across Echo’s rump, cleaning off any sticky grass. ______________ Previous Tagsa future in surfing, a new pig in the family, a safer day with jarl's insurances, at least they're together, before the course starts, before the ferry leaves, erik, erik the guy who knows stuff, everything falls into place, hermit, holly, is she taking the bus, jonas, latest seen after dinner, maybe holly can help, my little assistant, need help talk to jonas, neither here nor there, sigrid, sigrid can get tickets, the harp cafe, the hermit's newspaper delivery, the letter from madison, the pirate who threw her in the water, to the top of the lighthouse, wax off, what did madison see Rita, sorry to interrupt you. We’ll definitely avoid Cape Sorrow from now on, though. Unfortunately it will take a while for the new fishing boat to arrive, but until then Jarl’s Insurances will lend me a temporary boat. I know Madison wanted to come along to Fort Pinta and watch the buses that pass through there. -.-.-.-.-.-.- Page 1 Recently the cafe owners made a brave decision when they chose to renew its already delicious menu.

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