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The hall avoided the complete wartime destruction of many of the surrounding buildings, however the south west corner of the building was damaged by a direct hit.The building next to Goldsmiths’ Hall is the Wax Chandlers Hall.The ground floor is the same as in the building today, however the upper floors are very different as a result of the post war rebuild of the bombed building.Walking down Gresham Street I came up to the church of St.My father’s photo only shows the tower from a distance with the loss of the spire being the only visible damage, however the following photo shows the interior of the church – open to the sky, the interior completely destroyed and a single monument surviving on the wall.Within the church is a small display showing some of the artifacts rescued from the bombed church.The new street was named after Sir Thomas Gresham who was the founder of the Royal Exchange and Gresham College, which started in Bishopsgate Street in 1597 before moving to Gresham Street in 1843 – it has been at Barnard’s Inn Hall near Chancery Lane since 1991.

Gresham Street was one of these, created in 1845 from Cateaton Street and Lad Lane.The building that initially helped me to identify the location is the large building on the right of both photos. The building is the third Goldsmiths’ Hall on the same site.The Goldsmiths’ Company moved to this location in 1339 and the current hall dates from 1835.As can be seen this was completely destroyed during the war apart from the granite ground floor outer walls.Rebuilding of the hall was completed in 1958 with the granite frontage being retained and brick used for the new upper floors. The church was almost completely destroyed in December 1940, apart from the tower and the outer walls.

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