Server 2016 dns timestamp not updating

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Identity Management, or IDM, allows you to sign in to multiple Hot Schedules modules with one username and password.

With IDM, you’ll have one place to go, and one username and password to access all things Hot Schedules. Before you can retrieve your token, follow these simple setup steps before proceeding. Step 2: Obtain your API credentials from Hot Schedules if you have not already done so.

Users wishing to understand the mapping between SQL queries (SELECT statements) and the Query syntax - should refer to the following document:

This documentation is intended for those wanting to integrate into the Hot Schedules Io T (Internet of Things) Platform.

Your namespace is uniquely named based on your organization name.

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The Cloud API is much more than API Documentation, it is a powerful interactive tool that allows the developer and/or administrator to create, update, delete data as well as manage the schema for their organization.THE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS ARE DELIVERED ON AN "AS IS" BASIS WITH NO SUPPORT.YOU SHALL HAVE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ADEQUATE PROTECTION AND BACK-UP OF ANY DATA USED IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE SOLUTION.With that said, this tool is in its early stages, and does not yet cover ALL Hot Schedules modules. Step 3: Login into the Account Manager Step 4: In the upper right corner, select the wrench icon, then keychain, then your namespace.Step 5: Enter your API credentials as provided by hot Schedules and click save.

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