Top ten intimidating songs dating network usa

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- kaitlynrad11 Curled in a ball after hearing it reversed Baby - Justin Bieber This is the scariest thing ever just watch it or don't you'll have to have sleep with the lights on nightmares for life from this agh help me. The music video accompanying it is just as bad, with close-ups of the woman's face and the grayscale hospital, but the video that inspired the song itself brings things to a whole new level - the real footage of two men holding a woman down and killing her baby, turning it into hamburger meat, and forcing the woman to eat it. Song about a burn victim who looks like hamburger... I refuse to ever listen to the studio recording of this song again. To top it all this was recorded at an abandoned chapel!I know we all hate Justin Bieber but his songs are not scary. The song's roots are even more terrifying than the song. - somelifeonaplanet Vorkuta - Gulaggh It's true that Gulaggh used mental patients for the screams of agony but luckily none of the insane were harmed! Many of the patients say that it was fun which means that either they are too insane to know what fun is or they were sworn into secrecy with Gulaggh or they would be sacrificed by the great Goat. Its real children and elderly woman whoa are patients at an insane asylum scream therapy! Still the rumors about the kidnapping of said patients are fake, the band members asked for permition to take 15 patients for an hour or so to record this abomination. If this doesn't make number 1 then people who vote for other songs know nothing! Scary Down with the Sickness - Disturbed I love rocking out to this song, but I'll admit that the child abuse lyrics that David screams are disturbing.I love this song, but I definitely will admit that those moans of suffering at the end were pretty damn freaky! Dance with the Devil - Immortal Technique It is about a teenager named billy, who gives up on his life to join a gang, sell and do drugs, and commit other crimes.

These are some of the scariest songs I have ever heard.

Nothing else on this list even comes close to this... Not as scary as some of the songs above, but still chilling.

With Halloween spirit in the air, it's important to remember that spooky, demonic tunes that can perfectly soundtrack the holiday can be found throughout rock & roll.

Gein would always go to graveyards and dig up the dead bodies of people so that he can use their skin and bones as decorations for his house.

Gein was also the inspiration for the norman bates, buffalo bill, and leatherface.

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